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Ellen's new book, I Teach First Grade! A Treasure Chest of Teaching Wisdom, is now available from this website. Second in the series of "I Teach..." books this is a comprehensive resource for first-year teachers and seasoned professionals alike. In it you will find information on:
  • Assessment
  • Centers
  • Classroom Environment and Set-up (including schematics on how to build a loft, book storage boxes and a step table).
  • Classroom Routines and Management Techniques
  • Commuynity Building
  • Parent-School Connection
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Themes
  • ...and more…
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The individual titles referenced in this first set of materials can be seen by clicking on the Literature, Literacy, and Loving it! - Book 1 book cover or the "Book Links" button below.

These materials will help you create avid readers while still focusing your instructional practices on giving your students a balanced literacy program. As educators we know that for children to learn to read it will take more than a 25 minute guided reading lesson. We know that children need experiences with text in all parts of their school day. We know that they need experiences with many different types of text as well. Children need time to:
  • Listen to stories read aloud
  • Share reading with their peers and teachers
  • Be guided explicitly in the reading process
  • Read independently
  • Interact with the writing process
  • Share in the writing process
  • Be guided explicitly in the writing process
  • Write independently
These literacy lessons will build on these experiences using quality children's literature. The lessons include examples for word study, fluency development, as well as reading comprehension strategies for young readers and writers. Many of the ideas in the book can be used with either small or large groups of children.
Literature, Literacy, and Loving It! $??.?? - Press to order - will be available soon!
Click on the Book Links button to view and order the children's literature used in Ellen's book Literature, Literacy, and Loving It! - Book 1

Videos by Ellen A. Thompson produced by SDE (Staff Development for Educators), Peterborough, New Hampshire

A Day in a Multiage Classroom

Take a peek inside Ellen's classroom. Watch as the children go through a day in room 6. See real kids, doing real studies with a real teacher...Ellen A. Thompson! This video works well alone or in conjunction with Ellen's other video, The Nuts and Bolts of Multiage Classrooms. Use the tape to share the concept with parents, administrators and other teachers. 58 minutes

A Day in a Multiage Classroom $49.95 - Press to order

The Nuts and Bolts of Multiage Classrooms

This video contains video footage from one of Ellen's acclaimed seminars and from her classroom. Classroom images help illustrate the concepts shared by Ellen. This is a great video to use with teachers and administrators. It shares many ideas and time saving tips for classroom organization and instruction. 60 minutes

The Nuts and Bolts of Multiage Classrooms $69.95 - Press to order
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