Meaningful Strategies for Teachers

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Traveling Books
Describes sharing books and/or videos with a child's family.
Flower-Box Book Storage & Display Boxes
Explains the creation and use of a simple box to hold and display books and videos in your classroom. This is just one example of the things available in Ellen's book I Teach First Grade!
Creating Big Books
Explains the creation of "Big Books" for your students. Several binding techniques are described.
"Blank" Passport
Contains the pages for creating "Blank" Passports for your students. These can be invaluable during the study of foriegn countries and other civilizations.
Tetra-tetra-flexagon book
The directions for making a Tetra-tetra-flexagon book. I call it a Jacob's Ladder Book due to its almost magical way the pages open...and open...and open again. An interesting way to capture a young writer's interest. Try it.
6-Sided Snowflake
Follow these directions to make a true 6-sided snowflake - one that would make Willson (Snowflake) Bentley proud.
Star Book
A folded, pasted, multi-page star book that your students will have fun filling with all sorts of facts. For a "star" book all the folded points are oriented in the same direction - as in the plans to the left. If you alternate the "pages" to this book when you glue it together (with the folded point up - then down - then up - then down - then up) you will get an entirely different book. I call it an accordian. Try it!
Club Time
A teaching strategy for working with multi-ability groups.
Sample Schedule
A sample schedule of Ellen's typical week with literacy annotations.
Little Flap Book
Something to do with those scraps of paper left from making the 6 sided snowflakes above. These books can actually be made any size - they are great for "surprise illustrations" as you can see the left side of the page (where your text might be) prior to opening it up fully and viewing the right side. Use your imagination.